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FASHION ZONE established in 2004 we started our business as a 100% export oriented company dealing into leather garments. We offer the best of leather garments at attractive prices that makes us distinct from the others operating in this sphere.We are exporting to Australia, All over Europe, UK and USA.
The core strength of the division lies in the creativity and competence of its core teams that include designing, merchandising, production and material sourcing. Our experienced designers are well versed with the changing global fashion scenario. The in-house research & product development team is an integral aspect of the division’s growth strategy. Fashion Zone has been able to retain a strong position in the international market owing to its ability to forecast international trends and capability to design stylish leather products.
A socially compliant infrastructure well-defined processes to meet the growing demands of the industry, drives the business at Fashion Zone. The production processes are carried out with sophisticated machinery & imported equipment.
Uncompromised quality and unfailing delivery timelines have won faith and preference of many international fashion brands worldwide.
MISSION: To provide goods of the highest quality to our customers, at the right time and at more than competitive prices. Customer amazement with quality and timely delivery is a religion that is followed at fashion zone. VISION: To be the best in the business, with a delighted team of customers, employees, suppliers and everyone that has a stake in the company.
FASHION ZONE, “Customer satisfaction was our goal when we begun, we then believed in customer delight, we now strive for customer amazement”.
OUR PHILOSOPHY: Work culture Empowered employees working in an open culture making it a people driven company. Our Alliances with top international brands provide you opportunities to learn and grow. Our organization assure fast track career for an exceptional performer. Rewarding, enduring and meaningful jobs for experienced or fresh talents.
Fashion ZONE does not use any chemicals or industrial practices, which harm any aspect of the surrounding population, agriculture, forests or wildlife. We at Fashion Zone realize our social responsibility and are committed to the future. We are strictly against child labour and encourage the same with our suppliers.

Social & Environmental Compliant


Quality Procedure

Fashion Zone’s quality management procedures are in accordance with international quality management procedures. The company believes in the theory of ‘Kaizen’ and strives for continuous improvement in its procedures. We are equipped with modern stitching machines, fully modern laboratories and machineries along with a group of highly qualified specialists. Plant and machinery is being continuously upgraded to keep pace with the rapid development in trade. Our Product development and R&D continuously strives to come out with niche products for our customers in various markets.
As a leading leather garments exporter from India, Flexibility is our strength. Over 16 years of experience in the leather fashion business, to respond quickly to changing market needs.

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Our Strength

Pioneers in hand-treated leathers, product wash & over-dyeing technology In-house tanning & finishing infrastructure with international technicians. Strong emphasis on design research & product development. Team of experienced designers with regular exposure to all major international fashion & trade fairs working round the clock creating season specific forecasts & collections

Made a mark in the industry due to Consistent exceptional quality, timely deliveries & excellent customer service and support Professionally managed organization with a strong technical infrastructure All factories compliant with social audit norms.

We have our own offices at prime regions of leather sources in India,. This not only facilitates making new leather qualities but also helps us in keeping a stringent quality control on bulk leather production.

We also take care that chemicals that are used during the various stages of tanning and finishing of leather are bought from leading international leather chemical manufacturing companies, thereby ensuring that our final product be it leather bags or leather garments are REACH compliant.

As a step, that further enhances our commitment of delivering REACH compliant goods we have recently made an exclusive tie-up with two tanneries. These tanneries would be producing leather only for us, thereby helping us to keep a stricter control on quality as well as banned chemicals.

We at Fashion Zone believe that, to produce world-class products, it is very important to work in an environment that boosts our creativity and hence our productivity. We take into account that our artisans are provided with the most suitable environment so that they could unleash their best. Best efforts are made to provide better sanitation, ventilation and cleanliness to encourage a healthy environment. Hence, we believe in an Eco-Friendly Environment at work by minimizing waste and maximizing the utility of raw materials.

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